Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello, it's only me

Sorry to bother you and all that, but I thought it time to have a few words about things.

Having found myself in the doldrums last year, for reasons last blogged about, I think it's about time to pull my socks up (not least because it's too bleedin' cold to shave my legs and they look blue and hairy) and to get on with being my usual stupid self.

The touchy subject of pupillage has been on my mind of late, although I haven't looked at Monsier Olpas for months - I doubt he's missed me. So, I shall have to yet again try to make myself interesting AND appealing to chambers. Having thought long and hard about this, I've carefully prepared a strategy that is sure to wow em, or at least make go 'ooh'.

I'm not one for being furtive and sly (well that's me *ucked at the Bar:-)), so I thought I'd share my 4 golden rules for grasping the Golden Snitch:

  1. Lie about my age,
  2. Lie about my gender,
  3. Lie about my statistics (in a non 'vital', but a uni 'where you went' sort of way),
  4. Resume The Walk. I can't for the life of me remember why I stopped in the first place. Personally I always hum Blues Bros. 'Soul Man' when walking the walk, but do feel free to adapt Rule 4 to your own personal taste.
Just in case you're not aware (*tut* and shame on you), here it is:

Whadya reckon? I'm really optimistic:-)