Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I did happen to notice (or rather feel), when waving to a friend last year, that there was a funny wobbly sensation on the underside of my arm. I'm not sure how or when it happened, or indeed why (when I'm not a day over 25 *cough*), but moi had developed that most serious of female illnesses - the bingo arms. They must have appeared overnight, as I'd never noticed them before. A camisoled glance in the mirror, coupled with the arms out front, shake em all about movement, confirmed the diagnosis - I was doomed!

Anyway, I was idly chatting to Barman the other day and rested my left hand on my right upper arm. Left hand was, no doubt, absent mindedly looking for somewhere soft and squishy to have a kip. Ha! Left hand was sadly disappointed, nay gutted, to be met by compact and bijou, but perfectly formed, little walnuts of bicep and tricep. "Look at that" said I to Barman, who couldn't stop laughing at the little bulge (well, I've been laughing at his little bulge for years, so fair's fair). Must be all the furniture lifting that's done the trick.

No pupillage interviews so far. Pity, as I quite fancied waving my arms in the air.