Sunday, 26 July 2009

Proud Owner of an AWARD


What can I say?

A very big thankyou to the lovely Chambers without whom, none of this would be possible. I've never felt so modest, being rejected 37 times is a truly glorious accolade from such a singularly mediocre set, and as you can imagine, receiving 36 of them within the space of a few hours made me feel so very special.

Also a big round of applause to my provider, without whom I'd have never had so many wrinkles, grey hairs, homework and well, books! They drive a hard bargain, but I'm banking on them to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse before next June:-)

Good luck to the rest of you who have yet to aspire to such dizzy heights of success, and a special thankyou to Lawminx for the lovely, award ceremony spread - curly sandwiches, soggy sausage rolls and the amazingly delicious homemade desert of squirty cream with prawns.

But seriously, all the very best to those of you who are awaiting news on the 31st.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Back in the saddle

Bar-Os has not been mentioned for ages, mostly due to the fact that he has been unwell. He had a couple of months off over the Winter whilst I was busy with BVC and he's also had a cough since March that started off badly and has slowly improved. There were no other symptoms of illness, no loss of appetite (that'll be the day!), no raised temperature, just an awkward raspy cough that has resulted in my being unable to ride him. The vet has seen him on occasions and recommended that he be rested until better. In the meantime, Bar-Os has somewhat prematurely decided that he has given up work as a bad job and has been a bit of a handful to say the least. Usually a steady sort of chap, he's decided somewhere along the line (during his hols) that he's a speed merchant and tomorrow I have the unenviable task of taking him out for ride. The thing is, when he's a bit miffed he likes to do 'Irish dancing', he sort of doesn't go anywhere much, but dances on the spot very quickly, all four legs going like bees wings. A gentle squeeze to coax him forward usually results in a 'how very dare you' response and a tantrum. Tomorrow, my main objective is to sit quietly in the saddle, ignore the laughing from Barman and to elegantly and gracefully walk out of the yard into the countryside - a picture of 'oneness' with my horse - yeh right ok, I'll settle for staying on board for the duration and looking like a rag doll at the end of it, but still astride.

I'm already back in the saddle, so to speak, with the BVC. In fact due to pupillage applications and also researching a complex legal issue for a relative involving Lawful Development Certificates, I've not had much of a break and my 'day job' has also been keeping me busy too. Today I'm catching up on paperwork, interspersed with the delights of learning all about Part 36 Offers. I'm sure that they are probably quite easy to understand in practice, but sat reading all about them is a little baffling to say the least.

The days seem to be flying past and I've much to do before I go back to 'school' in September. All efforts to improve my bank balance have so far failed and I can't believe how impecunious I am. This I feel is because of the multi-tasking required when studying part-time, and the way that it impacts upon working life, everything gets a little neglected.

Having only sat 4 exams this year, I admit to feeling quite apprehensive about next year and the 8 remaining Bar exams, which I suppose is what has prompted me into an early resumption of studies. One thing is for sure, I will be extremely pleased to get next year over and done with and to finally complete BVC. Not that I haven't enjoyed most of it, but it is an extremely stressful existence and it demands a great deal of time and effort. Electives keep springing to mind, and as of yet I'm completely undecided what 2 subjects to choose. Nothing has been mentioned about them to date, so I'm assuming that we will receive some guidance on them before we choose. I'm thinking that Judicial Review will be quite useful because of my subject interests in environmental and quasi criminal law. Perhaps the Advanced Criminal Litigation module too? Would those of you who have already completed BVC care to tell what you liked/didn't like about your electives?

Friday, 10 July 2009


I have spent oodles of time preparing an Advice on the Law - formatting, paragraph numbering, underlining, italicising, spell checking, punctuating, word counting, (swearing), deleting, word counting again, tweaking and faffing, only to discover that when I copied and pasted it into the required (online) application boxes, the bloody thing looked like a 2 year old had done it and there was no way to alter it.

To add insult to injury, I then had to take an online verbal reasoning test, 30 questions, 15 minutes. Bugger, I didn't finish it and if I'm honest about 3 minutes into the test my brain just said "nope, had enough, not doin it, it's not my sorta thing, don't know what they're on about, damn fangled intelligence tests, don't need it, too old, too tired, too thick, ta ta, I'm outa here". I'm sure the timer said that I had 2 minutes remaining when it clicked off? Perhaps I had a space cadet moment and just sat there, oblivious to time and surroundings?

I'd have felt much more comfortable with an Ikea flat pack set, I can do those, in fact I'm impressive with them and usually only need the one sticking plaster when I've finished.

Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.

Looks like it's back to plan B then! Does anyone know what plan B is and where I can get one?